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The Sunflower slim downlight adopted “Bulbized” tech inherits the advantages of regular downlights, but more advanced: Higher brightness; more safety; longer lifespan; easy for SKD
About Us
Shanghai Wellmax Lighting Industry, is a leading global lighting company in China with a history dating back to 1987. Primarily focused on the design and manufacture of LED bulbs, we have sold our products to over 95 countries, and now we are renowned as the LED Bulb Expert.
We have a R&D team consisting of senior experts in lighting industry to design products according to the needs of different market. With first-class equipment from Japan, Italy and Germany, the testing works of WELLMAX's lab are strictly in the light of IEC standards, performance standards and safety standards. All products need to pass a series of in-house tests before manufacturing to ensure their safety and reliability.
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