The Most-Anticipated LED Downlight of 2020 Unveiled Today!
With so much expectation and interest from global clients, we proudly unveiled WELLMAX most anticipated new product today, SATURN LED downlight.

Its most eye-catching scientific design is a reinvention of the classic. According to our research on the downlight market, we found many consumers still miss the classic downlight shape of the light bulb inside the reflector. Having observed this, our engineers just questioned why not integrate them together with the expertise of our bulb technology?

After hundreds of design iterations and experiments, a brand-new downlight with classic bulb structure was born. Its semi-arc shaped cover makes it look like Saturn floating in the air when lit, creating a world of fantasy. In addition to the unique patented design, its patented utility model technology allows Saturn to be 30% brighter, and at the same time, its light is even softer than others on the market, achieving a perfect balance between low glare and high brightness. With such advantages, it will definitely boost your brand identity establishment and generate new sales growth in the downlight area.

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